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Baidyanath Dham Temple

Jharkhand Tourism



Jharkhand Tourism

Betla National Park jharkhand

Betla National Park

Jharkhand Tourism

Parasnath hill

Parasnath Temple

Jharkhand Tourism

Hundru water Fall

Hundru Fall

Jharkhand Tourism



Jharkhand Tourism

Jharkhand (झारखण्ड), India

Chief minister: Hemant Soren Sex ratio (2011): 948 ♀/1000 ♂ (18th) Capital: Ranchi Literacy (2011): 67.6% (31st) Population: 3.19 crores (2012)

“A New Experience” With Jharkhand, India

One of the best places to visit for wildlife aficionados and nature lovers, Jharkhand is a state replete with a vast bounty of towering mountains, dense forests and gushing waterfalls. Blessed with a plethora of natural scenic vistas, Jharkhand is the place for you be if you are on the lookout for a one-on-one rendezvous with unperturbed, untouched nature. There is more to Jharkhand than just its scenic landscapes though, with several museums, temples and wildlife reserves scattered around the state. Formerly a part of Bihar, Jharkhand was carved out as a separate state almost two decades ago, thus creating the base for a glorious history, diverse culture and tribal simplicity that the state can now call it’s very own.

Jharkhand is ‘The Land of Forests‘ as its name suggests and the state is famous for its rich variety of flora and fauna. The scenic beauty of forests, hills and plateaus from the Lodh Falls leaves an enchanting impression on tourists while the lush green forests that surround the state keeps it green and clean. Nature is considered as a vital and essential part of the life of tribal people who dominate the state, and this is one of the reasons that you can have a panoramic view of nature and its beauty. Ranchi Hills, Daasam Falls, Sun Temple, Baidyanath Dham are some of the major tourist attractions in Jharkhand.

Ranchi Tour Places

  • Ranchi Lake
  • Kanke Dam
  • Rock Garden
  • Panch Ghagh Falls
  • Sun Temple
  • Pahari Mandir
  • Deori Mandir
  • Tagore Hills
  • Dassam Falls
  • Jonha Falls
  • Hundru Falls
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Sita Falls
  • Hirni Falls
  • Birsa Zoo
  • Birsa Deer Park
  • Nakshatra Van
  • War Memorial
  • War Cemetery
  • Fish Aquarium
  • Golf Course
  • Hatia Dam
  • Amresh Ardham
  • Shree 1008 Basupujiya Digamber Jain Mandir

Jamshedpur & Saraikela Tour Places

  • Chandil Dam
  • Jayda Mandir
  • Dalma Elephant Sanctuary
  • Dimna
  • Jubilee Park
  • Golf Course
  • Centre For Excellence
  • Nicco Park
  • Tata Motors
  • Tata Steel
  • Zoo
  • Saranda Forests
  • Kera Temple  In Chakradharpur
  • Me Cluskieganj
  • Rankini Temple
  • Burudih Lake
  • Bibhuti Bhshan’s House , Ghatshila
  • Amudhabi Rural Tourism
  • Deuridih Rural Tourism
  • Chitreshwardham At Baharagora
  • Dharagiri Falls
  • Seraikela & Raj Kharsawan Places
  • Chhau Dance Center , Seraikela

Giridih, Dhanbad & Bokaro Tour Places

  • Parasnath
  • Usri Waterfalls
  • Sun Temple , Jamua
  • Harihar DhamJharkhandi Dham
  • Khandoli
  • Tenughat
  • Topchanchi
  • Maithon Dam
  • Lilori Dham
  • Bhatinda Falls
  • Moonidih Mine
  • Shibpur Temple
  • Shakti Mandir
  • Bokaro Zoological Park
  • Birsa Munda Park Dhanbad

Deoghar Tour Places

  • Baidyanath Dham Jyotirlinga Darshan
  • Basukinath
  • Trikuti
  • Tapovan
  • Naulakha Temple
  • Nandan Phar
  • Jalsar Park

Are you planning to visit Ranchi | Deoghar | Jamshedpur | Hazaribagh | Bokaro | Netarhat | Dhanbad | Betla National Park | Ghatshila | Parasnath, Jharkhand and many more places at any time of the year, Kindly remember to contact us once, check out our Packages and Offers. We will try to provide a great package at the best Rates with sincere service.


Tour Packages of Jharkhand

Ranchi – Netarhat – Betla – Ranchi

Duration 2 Night – 3 Days

Sightseeing – Ranchi: –  Also known as city of waterfalls . The major falls are Hundru, Jonha, Dassam , Panchghagh. Other Places worth visiting are Tagore Hill , Birsa zoo , Deer park.

Bio- diversity park , rock garden, nakshatra van to name a few.

Netarhat – Sunst & Sunrise at Magnolia point , pear orchard ( Naspati Bagan ) , upper Ghaghri fall , lower ghaghri fall , tea garden & Netarhat school.

Betla – Birds eye view of koel river , chero fort , national park , seven rivers , mirchaiya fall , suga bandh & Lodh fall


Deoghar – Basukinath – Dumka – Maluti – Tarapeeth Mandir – Deoghar

Duration 2 Night  – 3 Days

Sight Seeing Maluti :- It is a heritage village in Dumka district , 359 kms from Ranchi . The Village is unique because it boasts of no less than 72 terracotta temples within its miniscule 400 m by 700 m area . Maluti is only 16 kms from the nearest railway station at Rampur hat in Birbhum , west bengol . The name of the village , originally Mallahati , comes  from the Malla kings of Bishnupur of west bengol .

Deoghar :- Sound & light show at shilpagram , baba baidhnath mandir , satsang ashram, rikhiya ashram , ramkrishna mission , shiv ganga , naulakha temple , tapovan , nandan pahar.

Basukinath : Baba Basukinath Temple , Trikuti ropeway

Dumka :- Massanjore Dam  Maluti : Terracotta temple at village

Rampurhat : Tarapeeth Mandir ( West Bengal )


Ranchi – Parasnath – Ranchi

Duration 2 Night – 3 Days

Sight Seeing – Parasnath:–  Parasnath hill is Jharkhand’s highest point at 1366 m and is one of the most sacred jain pilgrimages in the country . It is believed that 20 of the 24 tirthankaras attained salvation here. The hill is also known as sammed shikhar or shikharjee , the “ peak of concentration . Places worth visiting for the traveller are Madhuban , Jain Museum , Bhomiaji Asthan.


Ranchi – Hazaribagh – Itkhori Suraj Kund – Ranchi

Duration 1 Night – 2 Days

Sightseeing – Hazaribagh :- Also known as the” Land of Thousand Gardens” . Main places to visit are canary hill , Hazaribagh Lake , Urban Haat , Megalith site Barkagaon , Hazaribagh National park , Bhelwara , Maa Bhadra kali temple Itkhori , Buddhist Relics , hot water spring suraj kund , Ichak Tilaiya dam to name a few.


Ranchi – Jamshedpur – Ghatshila – Ranchi

Duration 1 Night – 2 Days

Sightseeing- Jamshedpur :-  It is a planned industrial city established by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in the first decade of 20th century . Places to see in Jamshedpur are jubilee Park , Tata steel Zoological Park , Keenan stadium , JRD Tata sport complex , Beldih golmuri club , Domohani club or rivers meet , Amusement park , Hudco Lake , sir Dorabji tata park.

In an around Jamshedpur :- Dalmia wildlife sanctuary , Chandil dam, Ghatshila , Dhalbhumgarh , Amadubi – “ The Art village “.

Ghatshila :- 40 kms of Jamshedpur  is acclaimed for its scenic beauty . Bengali novelist Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay wrote “ Pathar Panchali “ from this place . Other places to see are Burudih Lake , Dhargiri Falls & Fuldungri .


Ranchi – Rajarappa Tenughat Dam – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Night – 2 Days

Sightseeing – Rajarappa :-  About 80 kms from ranchi situated at the confluence of rivers Damodar & Bhairavi . The temple of Chinnamastika here is a revered “ Shaktipeetha “  , where , it is said ,  the head of Goddes sati fell during Lord Shivas tandav Nritya . The headless statue of Devi Chinnamastika standing the bodies of kamdeo & Rati in hundreds of devotees each day .


Ranchi – Dassam Fall – Sun Temple – Deori Mandir – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sight Seeing – Sun Temple :- About 39 kms from ranchi stands the elegant sun temple fashioned as a huge chariot with 18 decorated wheels drawn by seven life like horses .

Dassam Falls :- 40 kms from Ranchi , the kanchi River , Tributary of the Subarnarekha a height of about 44 m also known as Dassam Ghagh .

Deori Mandir :- Situated at Tamar , 60 kms from Ranchi , is famous for its 16 armed ideal of Goddes Durga .


Ranchi – Sun Temple – Deori Mandir – Chandil Dam – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sightseeing – Chandil Dam :- 22 kms north  of Jamshedpur , is relatively small dam built over Subarnarekha , with the scenic Dalma Hills towering in the background . Boating is a popular activity with visitors , especially in the winter months .

Other places to see are Bio diversity park Lalkhatanga , Sun Temple Bundu , Deori mandir Tamar , Fish Hatchery , Chandil Dam .


Ranchi – Rajarappa – Birsa Munda Zoological Park – War cemetery – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sightseeing – Maa Chinnamastika Mandir , Damodar river , Birsa Munda Zoological Park , War cemetery


Ranchi – Jonha Fall – Sita Fall – Hundru Fall – State Museum Khelgaon

Duration – 1 Day

Sightseeing – Jonha Falls :- 40 kms from Ranchi also known as Gautam Buddha , has a serene Buddha Temple . The pristine beauty of the surrounding forest and the Chamghati Valley is animated by the gurgle of the river ranchi flowing by.

Hundru Falls :- 45 kms from Ranchi , and taking 18kms detour left at Angara , the road ends abruptly , making the visitor enthrall with the site of the fall .


Ranchi – Rock Garden –  Nakshatra Van – Tagore Hill – Science City – Bio Diversity Park – Lalkhatanga – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sightseeing – The state capital Ranchi boasts of St. Mary’s Cathedral , Yogoda Asharm , Tagore Hill , Ramkrishna Mission , State Museum , Jagannathpur Temple , Ranchi Lake , Ranchi Hill , Pahari Mandir, Kanke Dam , Rock Garden , Nakshatra Van , Bhagwan birsa Jaivik udyan , Bhagwan Birsa mriga vihar & crocodile breeding centre at Muta .


Ranchi – Jagannath Temple – Birsa deer park – Panchghagh fall – Hirni fall – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sight seeing – Lord Jagannath Temple :- Established by thakur Aninath Shahdeo , atop a small hillock . Built along the lines of the jagannath temple in Puri , also hosts an annual fair and Rathyatra.

Birsa Deer Park :- At Ormanjhi , 20 kms from Ranchi , spread over 104 ha. Of forest surrounding the picturesque Getalsud Dam. The park was established with the objective of ex situ conservation of endangered species of Jharkhand as well as sensitising visitors to the need to conserve wild life.

Panchghagh Water Falls :- 55 kms from Ranchi , this spectacular fall with 5 streams cascading in a row from a considerable height, attracts a large number of tourists .

Hirni Water Fall :- 75 kms from Ranchi , at the height of 37 m encircled by deep forests is a must to see for the visitor.


Ranchi – Pahadi Mandir – Sri Balajee Mandir – Fun castle Ratu – Mccluskieganj – Ranchi

Duration – 1 Day

Sightseeing – Mccluskieganj :-  About 60 kms northwest of Ranchi, was originally an Anglo – Indian settlement. Resposing at an altitude of 450 m is the perfect choice as a holiday destination any time of the year.

Edward Thomas mccluskieganj was the founder of the town. The town also draws visitors to view a unique cluster of a temple, mosque and a gurudwara all standing along side each other.

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